SecurTRAK Readers Communicate Over Wi-Fi

September 24, 2011

For immediate release – Sept 12 2011 The readers introduced during this quarter can leverage existing Wi-Fi to accurately track tags in real-time within facilities or across large campuses. This adds even more ease and flexibility in the setup of the reader infrastructure. Contact us for more information on how we can leverage your existing.

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University Panic Alert Announcement

June 20, 2011

University PanicALERT (an IACLEA Titanium Partner and NECUSA Affiliate), unveils 3 plans to assist Campus Police with Protecting Students at NO COST to the University Plan #1: Outdoor Coverage Covers the entire outdoor area of the campus. Campus police instantly notified of the name and location of the student.   Plan #2: Outdoor Coverage and.

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Watch University PanicALERT in Action

June 25, 2010

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Getting crime alerts about University Crime and Safety from

February 17, 2010

Increasingly, educational institutions are growing savvy about crime on their campus. The increased measures in reporting crimes are making us all aware that campus crime is a big problem. Sites like UCrime are doing important work in making information publicly available and allowing students to get alerts when they happen. SecurTRAK is excited to play.

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Ten ways to stay safe while on campus

February 13, 2010

Crime on campus is a big problem. Check out these tips for keeping safe while you’re on campus. If you have family members who go to a school, please tell them to keep vigilant. Walk with confidence and stay alert. Don’t walk alone after dark if possible. If you must, make sure the area is.

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Multi-Hospital Panic Duress

February 4, 2010

For immediate release – Oct 16 2009 SecurTRAK Panic Duress has been implemented in a multi-hospital site where staff are protected both inside and outside the hospitals they work in (approximately 2 Million Square Feet). When in distress, staff press the button on their staff badge and within seconds, police see exactly where and who.

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MGM Ranked #1 in the Philadelphia 100

October 2, 2009

(Philadelphia — Annenberg Center for Performing Arts) For immediate release. MGM Solutions is proud to announce that it was ranked #1 in the Philadelphia 100 in 2009. A little bit more about the accolade: “The Philadelphia 100 is a merit based program. Only companies that are among the fastest growing, privately-held companies are awarded the.

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