The system uses Patented Triangulation and Intelligent Boundary Recognition software, running atop a tightly integrated blend of Radio Frequency (RF), Diffused Infared (IR), and Low Frequency RF, to accurately track tags in real-time within facilities or across large campuses. Much like a GPS but it works both outdoors & indoors!

Ceiling mounted readers, placed approximately sixty feet apart, provide pinpoint location within seconds. These readers can communicate with the server directly over IP or using already existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to facilitate installation and expedite project completion.

The system’s floor logic differentiates between multiple floors inside a building and when a tag moves outside. Tag locations are shown on Autocad floor and site plans to easily associate tag locations. User-friendly tools are provided to instantly pan and zoom within the drawings to see precise detail at any zoom scale – NO Autocad experience required – users are literally able to use full functions of the system within minutes.

In addition to showing tag locations on the Autocad floor and site plans, CCTV cameras are activated as tags move within their view. The system also provides a paging component that sends critical location information on tag locations to pagers. These features are especially useful during alert scenarios (e.g. Panic Duress, protection against asset theft, Wandering Patient protection, etc.).

SecurTRAK interfaces directly with Access Control to protect staff, patients, and/or assets. SecurTRAK can identify and process events/business rules within ‘Milli-seconds’.  Processing business rules in milli-seconds is critical to locking Elevators and Exit doors ‘before’ tag assets can get through them (including at-risk patients).  Appropriate contacts can be notified as tags enter unauthorized areas. The possibilities are limitless.

When life-safety matters, no other system can provide the accuracy of SecurTRAK.  Once the infrastructure is in place for one solution, many other solutions can be implemented to eliminate redundant hardware and labor costs.  MGM SecurTRAK differentiates itself from its competitors based upon accuracy, reliability, flexibility, and response time.  When life-safety for staff, patients, or students is the issue, the speed, accuracy, and reliability of SecurTRAK will save lives.