Crime on campus is a big problem. Check out these tips for keeping safe while you’re on campus. If you have family members who go to a school, please tell them to keep vigilant.

  1. Walk with confidence and stay alert.
  2. Don’t walk alone after dark if possible. If you must, make sure the area is well lit.
  3. Keep your hands free, not burdened with lots of items.
  4. Store an ICE (in case of emergency) # in your cell phone
  5. Report suspicious activity and stay vigilant
  6. Take the time to record important safety numbers in your mobile phone
  7. If you are being followed: cross the street, scream, run to an occupied residence or store, or flag down a car.
  8. Be aware of people who approach asking for directions or the time of day; keep a polite but safe distance.
  9. Avoid excess alcohol while walking home. If you’ve had too much to drink, get a cab home.
  10. Let at least one person know where you are going and who you are going with.

With our produce SecurTRAK, we’re actively looking to work with our nation’s finest universities and the campus security personnel that serve them to provide advanced duress warning systems to let people know that students or staff need help.

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